2018 Preseason Quarterbacks Rankings

The 2018 quarterbacks have more parody than in years past.  Young players like Goff, Wentz and Deshaun Watson gave teams some major points in 2017. There’s also a big group of players who will score similar points this fantasy season in the middle of the pack.

Goff tossed 28 touchdowns in his first full year as a starter. Cooks is an upgrade over Watkins.  Cooper Kupp will be a year better and Robert Woods was a reliable deep threat when healthy.  Not to mention Gurley caught 64 balls.  Goff should eclipse the 30 TD mark.

 Wentz and Watson suffered season ending knee injuries.  It’ll be interesting to see when Wentz actually plays.  If things stay solid with Nick Foles, there’s no need to rush him back.  Wentz would’ve been higher on my list if it wasn’t for the ACL.  He could end up starting sooner than later.  If he does, he’s worth a top selection among other QB’s.  Watson’s injury was earlier in the year he should be ready to go at the start of camp.


Russell Wilson threw 34 touchdowns in 2017.  He lost Jimmy Graham but gained rookie runningback Rashad Penny.  Penny is a threat to score on the ground and through the air.  He’ll help move that offense and keep Wilson on the field. But I believe his stats will go down from a year ago.  Let someone else draft him too early. Kirk Cousins is in a far better situation in Minnesota.  I expect him to throw over 30 touchdown this season.  Jimmy Garaoppolo is now the starter for the 49ers.  He looked good in late 2017. Garoppolo has the ability and good enough players around him to be a top ten quarterback.

Other interesting QB’s are Pat Mahomes. He steps in with good weapons around him and the ability to make plays outside the pocket.  Case Keenum had some monster weeks last year.  He finds himself in Denver with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

A major question again this season is Andrew Luck.  I wanted nothing to do with him last year at draft time.  The same applies this season.  Until I see him on the field consistently lighting it up, I’m out.  It seems like from the time it’s taking it’s a game changing injury.  If you want to take a flyer on him, go ahead.  But don’t build your team around him.

I’m going to stay away from rookies.  Baker Mayfield could end up starting at some point.  With the additions of Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon plus Hyde and Chubb.  The Browns offense could be solid.  So keep Mayfield in mind as a free agent pick up.  Josh Rosen has David Johnson as an outlet and Larry Fitzgerald as a constant.  Rosen could give you some spot starts if he ends up playing.

1. Aaron Rodgers

2. Tom Brady

3. Deshaun Watson

4. Cam Newton

5. Jared Goff

6. Kirk Cousins

7. Carson Wentz

8. Russell Wilson

9. Matt Stafford

10. Drew Brees

11. Jimmy Garoppolo

12. Ben Roethlisberger

13. Derek Carr

14. Philip Rivers

15. Matt Ryan

16. Marcus Mariota

17. Case Keenum

18. Pat Mahomes

19. Eli Manning

20. Blake Bortles

21. Andrew Luck

22. Andy Dalton

23. Alex Smith

24. Dak Prescott

25. Mitch Trubisky




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