2018 QB Busts

2018 QB Busts

  1. Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys) – Although Dak can add value with his feet, this is still Zeke’s offense. Prescott’s rushed for 6 td’s in consecutive seasons, however only thrown 23 td’s in a single season. Although he seems to be progressing each season, the departure of Dez and Witten leaves the offense without a true #1 WR & TE. With the lack of weapons Dak couldĀ regress in the pass game and make some errant throws leading to more interceptions.
  2. Jimmy Garappolo (San Francisco 49ers)I hate to have Jimmy G on this list as he can also be considered a sleeper/value pick late in drafts. Be aware though, there are some risks. Although he’s a play maker, the 49ers lack a true #1 WR or TE. Kittle was serviceable last season but not sure how high his ceiling truly is. Garcon is going to be 31 years old and not sure how much is left in the tank after last years injury. However, if Goodwin can continue to build on his rapport with Garappolo this will certainly make an impact on his outcome.
  3. Alex Smith (Washington Redskins) – Although Smith had a career year in 2017 (4,042 passing yards & 26 td’s), he’s more of a 3,500 yard / 18 td passer. With the injury to Guice the Skins will lack a solid run game. Smith will no longer have Kareem Hunt as a safety net to balance the offense. The upside is that Smith has solid targets in Crowder, Doctson, Reed & Richardson. Just don’t think he’ll replicate the 2017 season and will revert back to the real Alex Smith.
  4. Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders) – After being drafted in 2014 I had high hopes for Carr. I don’t think he’s as bad as many in the industry make him out to be (ceiling is 4,000+ yards / 30+ td’s), however his td’s have decreased the past 3 seasons. This year may be a struggle to reach those lofty ceiling numbers. I’m not high on the 32 year old Lynch or Martin who’s past his prime to balance the run game. The loss of Crabtree will certainly hurt. I like the Nelson signing, however he’s past his prime and will not have the HOF QB Rodgers throwing him the rock. However, if somehow Nelson can produce close to his old self and Cooper can learn how to catch the ball, Carr could have a sneaky good year and can definitely grab him late in your draft.
  5. Case Keenum (Denver Broncos) – Don’t let last year fool you! Although he’s the starter for Denver, Keenum is a backup QB, not a starter. In 2017 he had a decent year (3,547 passing yards & 22 td’s), however also had Diggs, Thielen & Rudolph to throw the ball to. I know Thomas & Sanders are no slouches themselves, but the Denver receivers are a step below what Keenum had last season. I’d rather take a chance and draft QB’s like Mariota or Mahomes over Keenum.


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