2018 TE Busts

2018 TE Busts

  1. Jimmy Graham (Green Bay Packers) – With the departure of Jordy Nelson, this leaves the GB offense a lack of targets for Rodgers. You’d think Graham will jump right in as a main target, however if history repeats itself the TE position is underutilized in the GB offense. Not sure if Rodgers didn’t trust his prior TE’s, but the past three players at the position (Finley, Cook & Bennett) under performed. Although Graham’s played healthy the past two seasons, he’s now 31 years old and his numbers have decreased. I hope I’m wrong, however Graham may only be touchdown dependent.
  2. Delanie Walker (Tennessee Titans) – I know some may disagree with Walker being on this list, however he’s now 34 years old and his YPC and td’s have been decreasing. This may be a reflection of Mariota’s poor performance, however it appears Walker’s prime is in his past. The Titans have solid WR’s in Chris Davis, Rishard Mathews, & Taywan Taylor that will take away targets. The signing of Deon Lewis will also take away targets on 3rd downs. Lastly, the Titans are high on the 22 year old Jonnu Smith who will eventually take over as the starting TE after Walker.
  3. Jack Doyle (Indianapolis Colts) – Doyle’s had a solid run and his best year in 2017 (80 catches, 690 yards, 4 td’s). You’d think with Luck potentially being healthy for the start of the season, Doyle’s production could only go up. However, the signing of Eric Ebron will put a damper on things. The colts will continue to run a two tight end set, however if Ebron can remain healthy he will be the TE to own in Indi. He’s only 25 years old, more athletic then Doyle, and will be the main red zone target for Luck.
  4. Tyler Eifert (Cincinnati Bengals) – Remember when Eifert had 52 catches, 615 yards, and 13 td’s? Since 2015 Eifert’s only played in 10 games due to injuries. Also, the 2015 year he only played in 13 games. The Bengals could use another solid target behind AJ, however don’t count on Eifert to be a reliable TE. You’ll be able to grab him late in your draft and has potential to put up decent numbers, however don’t rely on him to be your TE for the year.
  5. Jordan Reed (Washington Redskins) – Like Eifert, Reed is a frustrating player for owners. He’s extremely athletic and plays more like a WR. However, his entire career has been plagued with injuries and concussions. In his 5 year career, Reed’s averaged only 10 games per season. Not very reliable if you’re drafting him as your #1 TE. He’s productive when on the field, however make sure you have a viable backup plan.

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