2018 WR Busts

2018 WR Busts

  1. Allen Robinson (Chicago Bears) – This isn’t to say that Robinson will be a total bust, more to say he’s being overvalued and drafted too early. Yes, he had a good career with the Jags, not to mention Bortles throwing him the ball. Robinsons coming off a torn ACL with an inexperienced QB in Trubisky. The addition of Trey Burton and rookie Anthony Miller (and Cohen/Howard in the pass game) will take targets away from Robinson. In 2017 the Bears averaged 24 rushes/game and will only increase going forward.
  2. Alshon Jeffery (Philadelphia Eagles) – Alshon has been plagued with injuries his entire career and is no different leading into the 2018 season. It appears he may be placed on the PUP list and miss the first six games of the season with a shoulder injury. Alshons better in standard leagues vs. PPR. Last season he had 9 td’s, however only 57 catches on 120 targets. Although Alshon is considered the #1 WR on the Eagles, the true #1 target is TE Ertz. Also, Agholor is emerging into a nice #2 and Mike Wallace will be a factor too.
  3. Brandon Cooks (Los Angeles Rams) – I love Cooks’ talent and is only 24 years old. However, he’s in an offense with a lot of talent and too many mouths to feed (Kupp, Woods, Gurley & the emerging TE Higbee). Based on what we know, it appears he will be a boom or bust type of WR and many not be a reliable #1 WR from week to week. He’s clearly a more productive WR than Sammy Watkins, however will be filling the role of Watkins. Last season Watkins only had 39 catches in 15 games.
  4. Sammy Watkins (Kansas City Chiefs) – Watkins is one of the most frustrating WR’s in the league. He has the skills and potential of a #1 WR, however has been inconsistent and injured his entire career. Last year he played the most games in the past three years (15 games) and only had 39 receptions. This year he moves to a team with an unknown QB in Mahomes. Although Mahomes has a rifle arm and is a play maker, Watkins will be theĀ 4th target behind Kelce, Hill, & Hunt.
  5. Devante Parker (Miami Dolphins) – Parkers another frustrating WR with tons of skills and a potential for a breakout season with the departure of Landry. However, he’s hurt again with a broken finger. Since he was drafted in 2015, Parkers never played a full season or exceeded 57 catches in a season. With his size & speed (6’3″ 216 lbs, 4.45 40), he should be among one of the most dominant WR’s in the league. Not only is Stills a viable WR, the Dolphins signed Danny Amendola this year. If you draft Parker this year be prepared to be disappointed once again!

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