2019 Tight Ends

Every year it ends up being slim pickings at the tight end position.  Gronk is retired, Kelce and Eztz remain at the top. Kittle is right there behind them.   Rookies usually don’t make an impact.  But this season could be different with TJ Hockenson and Irv Smith.  The depth of this position will be up to players like Njoku, Engram, Henry, McDonald and others.  If those guys stay healthy and produce it could be a solid year.  Jared Cook could have a very nice season in New Orleans.  Chris Herndon could be a vauable pick at the end of your draft.  He’s suspended the first four games.  Herndon could be an excellent source of points at the position when he returns.

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Travis Kelce
  2. Zach Ertz
  3. George Kittle
  4. Jared Cook
  5. Hunter Henry
  6. OJ Howard
  7. Evan Engram
  8. Vance McDonald
  9. TJ Hockenson
  10. Jack Doyle
  11. Eric Ebron
  12. David Njoku
  13. Delanie Walker
  14. Auston Hooper
  15. Mark Andrews
  16. Greg Olsen
  17. Trey Burton
  18. Dallas Goedert
  19. Cameron Brate
  20. Chris Herndon*



I think TJ Hockenson will have the best chance to see targets.  From all accounts he’s fitting right in with the Lions.  Irv Smith will have to contend with Thielen, Diggs and backs for his share.  Not to mention Rudolph.  But sometimes being the 4th option can have it’s benifits.  I expect Smith to be a decent daily league play and a spot start for injured players or bye weeks.   Noah Fant is in Denver and that doesn’t excite me.


Diamond in the Rough

Sam Darnold liked to throw to Chris Herndon last season. (39 rec, 502, 4TD)  Not bad for a rookie tight end with a rookie QB.  The two will take a step forward together in their second season in the league.  The Jets want to get him involved and he could be on a lot of championship rosters this season. Herndon is suspended 4 games. If he goes undrafted in your league.  Grab him after week 2.



There’s several teammates on this list. Zach Ertz is a top player.  Last season Dallas Goedert scored 4 touchdowns which I expect to rise to 6-7.  I think 400-450 yards is reasonable and 45 receptions isn’t out of the question.  He has TE1 potential if Ertz goes down.  

Eric Ebron had his best season as a pro in Indianapolis.  Ebron was a red zone monster last season scoring 13 touchdowns.  Luck will continue to throw to him but Jack Doyle should cut into his reptions and yards.  Doyle’s health is the key in all of this.  Ebron could still be a solid source of TD’s, but we wont see 13 scores again.  In standard leagues i’d draft Ebron over Doyle.  In PPR i’d lean Doyle.

OJ Howard was having a nice season until it ended with a with another injury.  He’s healthy and ready to go.  He should be the second option in this offense.  Bruce Arian’s has mentioned getting Cameron Brate involved also. Outside Mike Evans and Chris Godwin the Tight Ends will be the targets.


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