Week 5: Top 24 Runningbacks

A bunch of backs are coming off bye weeks.  Matt Asiata looked great and rookie teammate Jerick McKinnon did too.  They hit the road on a short week with a banged up rookie QB.  I don’t expect a repeat of week 4.

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Week 2 Top 24 Runningbacks

Many were disappointed by their top back in week one.  We already have some starting backs injured and others have tough match-ups. it should be an interesting week for the RB group.

Will Frank Gore get as many carries this year?

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All-purpose leaders

Many fantasy leauges have ditched the touchdown heavy scoring.  yardage and receptions have boosted the overall scoring.  Even kick return points for indiviual returners have caught on.  A mostly over looked stat in fantasy.  It can make an average player a real asset to your team.  Darren Sproles is the king when it comes to this area.  Another reason to grab him higher than most would think.  Let’s take a look at some of the top all-purpose players since 2009.

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